Coats Financial Planning, Inc.

Coats Financial Planning, Inc. is a pioneering firm in Louisville, offering financial planning and investment advice on a fee-only basis for nearly two decades. Today we serve clients in Kentucky, Indiana, Florida and a dozen other states and we offer a staff of three dedicated and qualified financial advisors, all of whom are CFP® professionals. We provide an independent, objective review of your financial situation, and seek a long-term ongoing relationship to help you meet your financial goals. Our client relationships are deep and are conducted exclusively on an ongoing retainer basis.

Our firm is unique and here are several primary reasons to partner with us:

  • We put the interests of the client first in everything we do 100% of the time.  No exceptions.  Make sure any advisor you hire will put that pledge in writing.
  • We are financial planners first.  For instance, we emphasize tax planning as a way we can add significant value for a client at most any stage in life. 
  • We bring solid knowledge and application of the tax code and an understanding of how the client tax situation is likely to change over time.  We use this insight to help the client keep a higher percentage of their retirement assets over time rather than pay it out in taxes.
  • For those approaching retirement or already there, we offer rare expertise at crafting a retirement strategy that pulls all your retirement resources into a cohesive plan that is tax-efficient, sustainable, and optimal for what is likely a multi-decade retirement period.
  • On the investment side, we focus on low cost, tax-efficient and highly transparent investments and we maintain a long-term focus without the folly of trying to time the markets.

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139 S English Station Road, Suite 230 Louisville, KY 40245 Phone: (502) 426-0300 Fax: (502) 326-3010

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139 S English Station Road, Suite 230 Louisville, KY 40245 Phone: (502) 426-0300 Fax: (502) 326-3010