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Aegis Financial Advisory is a Portland Oregon and San Francisco Bay Area Fee-Only financial planner specializing in retirement planning for pre-retiree couples. We are experts in Social Security and retirement income planning and taxation. Speak to us about how we can help you fully enjoy your life in retirement free from the worry of ever running out of money.

Financial Planning

We believe that true financial planning is a process, not a one-time event. Life is dynamic and the financial plan must be constantly monitored and adjusted to ensure that you remain on track whatever changes arise within your life or in the world at large. We advise continually and comprehensively in all key planning areas. 

Investment Management

Once we understand your long term goals and your overall financial situation, we work with you to develop a prudent investment strategy. The objective of this strategy is to help you achieve your long term objectives while taking no more risk than necessary. We employ low cost, tax efficient investments when implementing your strategy. We are a Dimensional Funds advisor.


Our annual fee includes all of our financial planning and investment management services. It also includes ongoing consultation to address any new issues that may arise. This fee is fixed and is based on your net worth. We believe that our fee is reasonable, simple, and transparent and reflects the comprehensive nature of the services we offer. And by making our fee fixed you will not experience an increase during the fixed fee period regardless of fluctuations in the financial markets.

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