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Kindness Financial Planning is a fee-only virtual planning firm located in Madison, WI focused on helping widows and caregivers. Being a virtual firm, we can work with people across the United States.

Elliott Appel is the Founder of Kindness Financial Planning. He spent 10 years at a large wealth management firm in Seattle before deciding to launch his own firm to spend more time with clients. He created Kindness Financial Planning based on his own experience working with soon-to-be widows, widows, and caregivers, as well as his own experience when his dad was diagnosed with Stage IV Lung Cancer in 2016 and died in 2023.

During loss and difficult health situations, costly mistakes can happen, tax planning opportunities are crucial, and it's easy to feel stuck while experiencing loss or juggling life.

While I love the technical side of financial planning, I enjoy helping people think deeply about what's important to them and through a process, helping them create an ideal life for themselves.

I love questions, education, and collaborative relationships. I understand the unique role I get to be in my client's lives and enjoy helping them feel secure in their financial decisions.

I am a fiduciary, fee-only financial advisor. You can learn more at or watch my YouTube videos about retirement planning.

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