Birchwood Capital

We help people retire confidently. Our services include comprehensive retirement planning, tax planning, and investment management. 

What that means for you is:
-You get a proven plan to make your money last throughout your retirement 
-You get a strategy for not overpaying the IRS
-You get a customized portfolio that you understand, but don't have to manage
-You get a meeting and action structure so nothing in your financial life falls through the cracks

And that's just the start.

The most widespread lie in the industry
Over the past few decades, the financial services industry has attempted to align itself more with clients by reducing conflicts of interest (reduced commission-based products). But, stubbornly, the largest conflict of interest remains: fees for financial advice being based on Assets Under Management.

The widespread acceptance of the AUM model has allowed for massive economies of scale to be inflicted on clients - taking earnings that are rightfully theirs and putting it in the pockets of brokerage firms and investment advisors. If clients are receiving the same services, why should some pay more just because they have different amounts of money?

To put it in dollar terms, a client with $1 million will lose almost $500,000 over a 20 year relationship due to AUM fees. 

In 2020, Stephen H. Nelson, CFA, CFP® founded Birchwood Capital and built a fee structure around the services actually provided, since they do not vary substantially between clients with more or less money. We believe this flat annual fee ($6,300 per year) is a more appropriate fee structure and that clients will greatly benefit from it.

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