Impact Financial LLC

At Impact Financial, our mission is to help people feel good about their finances.

Our focus is to help:

  • Simplify your financial complexities
  • Protect your time so you can focus on more important things
  • Provide peace of mind on your financial security
  • Plan for your life's dreams and goals!
Since everyone's financial situation and goals are are unique to them, we have a very comprehensive and tailored approach. This ensures that all areas of your plan are considered and recommendations are tailored around your complexities and what's important to you. 

Beyond core planning and investment management services, we also offer:

  • Tax services
  • Business Owner Services (business valuation, 401k/retirement plan management, tax, bookkeeping and other services to help align business and personal finances)
  • Cross boarder/ex-pat financial planning
For investment management, we tailor portfolios around any corporate stock options, private equity, real estate or any other unique investments you have and can focus on the impact that your investments are making, even while they are invested.  

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3223 N Albany Ave Chicago, IL 60618-5791 Phone: (312) 332-6589

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3223 N Albany Ave Chicago, IL 60618-5791 Phone: (312) 332-6589