Focal Point Financial Group

After working in the financial services industry for over 20 years, I launched Focal Point Financial Group to help, equip, and guide people to be good stewards of their God-given resources.  

We believe that everyone should have a financial plan or "focal point".  It’s your focal point that guides your day-to-day (and long-term) money decisions and brings clarity and confidence to your choices.

We work with our clients on an ongoing basis to not only set up an initial plan with specific goals and action steps, but also help them along their journey to implement and keep the plan up to date as life and circumstances change.

We believe in keeping things simple.  The more moving parts to something, the greater the risk of something getting overlooked or underutilized.   We help our clients simplify their financial lives in order to obtain greater peace of mind and create financial breathing room.

Because we believe people need affordable access to qualified financial planning, we charge our financial planning clients a monthly fee based on the complexity of their situation...not based on how much money they have or how many things they own.

Our ideal clients:

  • are open to getting holistic help with their finances 

  • communicate openly and freely

  • believe in the benefit of having a long-term plan in place

  • are wanting a trusted partner to help them on their journey to being a good steward


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7301 Mission Rd Ste 244A Prairie Village, KS 66208-3006 Phone: (913) 585-0365

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7301 Mission Rd Ste 244A Prairie Village, KS 66208-3006 Phone: (913) 585-0365