MARGIN is a fixed-fee only wealth management firm. We offer creative wealth management that includes personalized, in-depth financial planning, discretionary investment management, and proactive tax strategy and preparation. MARGIN exists to help our clients simplify their lives so they can have more time and space (MARGIN) to focus on what's really important. 

High Income Professionals: Friends and family see you as “rich.” You might not feel that way. But you’re not as far from financial independence as you think!

Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs: Your most important asset is your business. Treat it that way by making sure it grows—and planning an exit strategy to set you up for financial independence.

Pre-Retiree and Work Optional: Together, we can create a harmoniously seamless system with your spouse, so you can have fun without running out of money.

Cross-Border and Expatriates: You’re thinking, “FBARS, PFICs, Foreign Tax Credit, my CPA goes on and on about potential tax treaties, and I have no clue what they’re talking about." Lets talk.


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