MARGIN is a complexity-based flat fee-only wealth management firm in Greenwood Village, Colorado, working with three types of clients:

Pre-Retirees and Early Financial Independence: You're five to fifteen years from financial independence. What specific steps do you need to take today to transform your life into financial freedom? 

Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses: Sadly, only 1% of businesses create enough wealth solely from the sale of their business to become financially independent. Let's maximize the value of your most important asset: YOUR business.

HENRYs (High Earners, Not Rich Yet) and HINTs (High Income, No Time): Even though your family’s income is $250,000+, you don’t feel “rich”; you feel pressed for time. You’re probably not as far from financial freedom as you think.

Our Story:

Eric Courage drew inspiration to start MARGIN from 10+ years of experience in private wealth management and as an analyst building financial products and valuing businesses. Tired of leaders focused more on how to make their firms more money than how to make clients money, he created MARGIN as an honest alternative.


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