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I serve as a personal CFO for busy corporate executives who require advanced tax and financial planning and need a 360 degree perspective on your finances to make effective, goal-based decisions in the little time you have. While tax planning serves as the backbone, focusing through the tax lens alone is insufficient - it's critical to step back and make sure that all aspects of your financial life are fully aligned to support your goals.

As a trusted advisor, I can provide actionable guidance to help you achieve your personal goals by helping you set priorities, explore alternatives, and understand potential unintended consequences, allowing you to make decisions with confidence. At this stage in your career, you are laser-focused on growing your wealth - it's my job to help you protect and preserve it.

Services include:

    - Creation of an initial, comprehensive financial plan based on your personal goals

    - Two planning meetings per year (spring and year end)

    - Portfolio management

    - Detailed tax projections and planning guidance

    - Tax preparation


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30 Spring St Bristol, VT 05443-1112 Phone: (802) 461-8222