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First Move Financial is a virtual financial planning firm that specializes in working with young professional families. Our mission is to serve the needs of those who are not (yet) millionaires or have always thought financial planning was out of reach. While retirement is a big scary goal that most people have, we are also focused on the "small" scary things that happen well before then like buying or selling a home, paying off student loans, sending kids to college, or making a job transition just to name a few.

We're named First Move because of our love for board games. In a deeply strategic game your first few moves determine which of your goals you'll be able to achieve during the game and how well you'll be set up for the end of the game. The same is true for your finances, the earlier you start to intentionally plan around your finances the better chance you have of meeting your goals along the way and being set up for a rewarding retirement.


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