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Based in Southern California, LLG Wealth Management provides Financial Planning and Investment Management education and solutions to individuals and families.  LLG Wealth Management has a particular strength in providing financial planning to individuals in blended families or on the path to combining their families.

Founder, Michael Martinez, a Certified Financial Planner, being a father and step-father in a blended family himself, understands the challenges and joy that combining two families provides. 

Blended families are individuals who live together either as cohabitants or are married, and have children from an existing or previous relationship.  Those who have chosen to adopt are another type of blended family dynamic.  As blended families become more commonplace in our society, the challenges of aligning various perspectives, behaviors and values towards money may seem overwhelming with respect to:

  • Saving, spending and investing beliefs
  • Family values, roles and responsibilities
  • Protecting assets and separate property planning  
  • Budget and family goals
  • Tax considerations
  • Wealth transfer and Inheritance

We understand the obstacles blended families face.  We provide the education and planning strategies needed to address the objectives of “keeping things fair” and “protecting our loved ones”. 

Many of these questions require expertise from tax and legal professionals.  We will work together with these other professionals as needed to provide you a comprehensive understanding of how various actions and decisions can impact your family.  


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