Lake Road Advisors

Lake Road Advisors, an independent fee-only financial planning firm with offices in Corning NY, Ithaca NY, & Portland, OR, works with mid-career professional parents with young families across the country who want to ensure they are making smart financial decisions today and for their future.

Why work with Lake Road Advisors?

?Whether you’re feeling overwhelmed, confident, or confused, there’s always a good reason to work with a financial advisor. A CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ can help you maximize your finances and point out any blind spots.

When you work with the team at Lake Road Advisors, you’ll get an ongoing, unbiased partnership to help you reach your goals and give you peace of mind.


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818 SW 3rd Ave #453 Portland, OR 97204 Phone: (607) 292-2172

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5 E Market St Ste 229 Corning, NY 14830 Phone: (607) 463-8400

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818 SW 3rd Ave #453 Portland, OR 97204 Phone: (607) 292-2172