2018 Spring Conference Speaker

Diane Omdahl

Diane Omdahl

When it comes to decifering the complexities of Medicare regulations and translating them into easy-to-understand concepts, very few people can hold a candle to the woman behind i65 — Medicare expert, Diane J. Omdahl, RN, MS.

For more than 35 years, Diane has kept tabs on the ever-changing landscape of Medicare regulations. As a registered nurse, she launched her first company in the basement of her home and proceeded to grow it into the leading provider of Medicare-related training, guidance and education for the nation's home healthcare agencies.

Over the years, Diane has delivered more than 400 Medicare-related audio conferences and 100 in-depth, two-day seminars, making her a very experienced and highly-rated speaker.

In 2012, Diane founded 65 Incorporated to provide the nation's seniors, along with their families, trusted advisors and employers, with unbiased, individualized Medicare enrollment guidance through fee-for-service, one-on-one consultations. 65 Incorporated, like i65, is NOT affiliated with the sale of Medicare insurance products in anyway, thus giving clients a peace of mind that the recommendations being made are always in their best interst.

Through her work, Diane's been featured in publications such as Forbes, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal Market Watch, CBS MoneyWatch, Kiplinger, American Journal of Nursing, and many more. She's also been a advisory counsel member for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).