Working with Non-US citizens or clients that move abroad . . . Oops! and Ah Ha! Moments

On Demand
In this mobile society, clients don’t always stay put. Many folks may leave the US temporarily, or permanently and of course, many people move to the US for the first time and look for a financial advisor. This can include clients with assets spanning multiple borders, clients with citizenship in more than one country, children living abroad, etc. all have unique complexities that must be dealt with. This presentation will provide a framework in which to tackle these mobile clients and then cover some of the “Oops” and “Ah Ha!” moments along with providing the questions to ask in the areas of income tax, estate planning, retirement planning, investments, risk management, cash management, customs and immigration. By learning the questions to ask, the learned advisor can provide better counsel to clients when leaving or entering the US.

Learning Objectives:
• This program will give you the questions to ask and the tools needed to diagnose the issues related to a client that is a non-US citizen living in the US • Help you to understand and diagnose the issues of a client that temporarily, or permanently moves abroad