Why adopting a “Some of the old, Some of the new” approach, will lead to a better client experience?

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4:30 PM - 5:30 PM
So much has changed in such a short period of time.. we're all now working from home, managing teams and clients "virtually" and some of us are even part time teachers as well. As we settled into the mandated version of the 'new normal' we all just sort of figured it out… a lot of decisions were taken out of our hands – mainly the ability to meet with clients and our teams in person. But we were also forced to change parts of our Financial Planning process that were too reliant on an ‘on location’ model in order to be implemented successfully.

With an easing of social distancing measures just around the corner, it would be just as easy to swing back to an operating model that just “put things back the way they were”… but is that what we should be doing?

This forced ‘evolution’ of our financial planning models has given us all an opportunity to take stock of the way we do things… to ask ourselves some really important questions:
• Which parts of our ‘online’ financial planning model should we keep doing in the new normal?
• Which parts of our ‘on location’ financial planning model should we reinstate immediately?
• What parts could be done either online or on location?
• What about the other mediums like Video, Voice or print?
• How do we decide which medium to use for each part of the process?

The end result will be a new and old way of doing things – that is designed around both your clients and yourselves – and ultimately leads to a better ‘new normal’ way to deliver a great Financial Planning experience to your current and future clients.

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