NAPFA Connect Spring 2020 Speaker

Steve Crawford

Steve Crawford

Steve started Experience Wealth in Australia in 2008 focusing on GenXY clients - with no clients or referral partners and had never been an adviser before. Today his Award-Winning business is going strong, with an innovative Financial Coaching & Mortgage Management offer designed exclusively for GenXY.

Experience Wealth has grown exclusively from client referrals - due to their innovative Goals Based Advice and Personal Financial Coaching offer. Steve has pushed the boundaries of ‘traditional advice’ by building Budgeting, Cashflow, Banking & Lending services for his clients and his business leads the industry in usage of technology like Online calendar bookings, Virtual Meetings & Video to deliver Advice to the Netflix generations in a modern way.

Through his Practice Management business – The Advice Movement - Steve is one of the Coaches that deliver PD Day, Conference and Workshops to other budding “Financial Coaches” looking to work with more GenXY clients. Because Steve has had hundreds of conversations over the years with GenXY, it makes him the ideal “XY Guy” for your audience, as he can share his experiences with them, enabling them to learn Best Practice solutions quicker – and more importantly from an Industry Peer who doesn’t just talk the talk…he walks the walk!

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