The Value of Trusts with an $11,400,000 Exemption - Do They Still Have Relevance?

4:40 PM - 5:55 PM
Since the massive increase of the federal estate tax exemptions in January 2018, there are various professionals who believe that credit shelter trusts have little value moving forward. Their position is that, without a federal estate tax, the only thing to be concerned about is state estate taxes.

But credit shelter trusts are still effective planning tools -- the key to planning lies in the drafting of the documents and including their flexibility in planning opportunities. Join presenter Bob Maloney to learn the advantages of the credit shelter trust, including:
1) Simple trusts versus complex trusts for surviving spouse and lineal descendants
2) Discretion to distribute income and principal
3) Sprinkling provisions—pros & cons
4) Limited powers of appointments/ general powers of appointment
5) The potential for a 2nd step-up in basis. (the WOW factor)