Keynote - 100 Things

8:30 AM - 9:20 AM
Appealing to the core of everybody, the 100 Things keynote has influenced hundreds of thousands of people from students to CEO’s throughout Australia and beyond. Delivered in all 7 continents, Sebastian’s presentation offers perspective to individuals to assist them in finding purpose whether it be on a personal level, a business level or within the greater community.

Testing the limits of the notion; “What can but one person do..?”, Sebastian Terry is genuinely driven by a desire to help people and spread positivity throughout communities.

Drawing on stories and reflections from his inspirational book ‘100 Things’, Sebastian discusses the issues on the minds of many people in today’s complex world; including:
• Goal-setting
• Perspective
• Fulfillment
• Resilience
• The positivity that emerges from adversity
• The wonder of stepping out of one’s comfort zone
• Personal empowerment and development
• Process of achievement
• The art and power of helping others through leadership and community

Seb incorporates visual aids into his talks and highlights powerful and profound messages with dynamic, interactive, and humorous delivery.

This session will not be recorded.