Retirement Life Planning—Beyond the Financials

2:40 PM - 3:40 PM
Most enter retirement with excitement but also with a healthy dose of anxiety. They are generally unaware of the challenges they may face and of the opportunities that await them. Those who have done any planning have focused almost exclusively on their finances. While critical and necessary, doing so is far from sufficient to live the retirement of their dreams. Developing a retirement life plan with a focus on the non-financial aspects increases the odds of living the future they have worked so hard to deserve, prompts an even more meaningful financial plan, and enables future retirees to practice retirement while still working. This session will cover retirement’s challenges, myths and opportunities, the “10 key elements of a fulfilling retirement,” crucial retirement-planning conversations, why and how to practice retirement, and practical life-planning tools. It will also provide a framework to answer the frequently asked question, “When should I retire?” The perfect pairing — a financial plan and a retirement life plan — “Beyond the Financials.”