Myths and Misunderstandings: The Role of Guaranteed Income in Retirement Income Planning

10:20 AM - 11:35 AM
There are many myths and misunderstandings regarding the role of guaranteed income products in retirement income planning process. This session will provide advisors with:

  • An update on the current regulatory environment for guaranteed income products in retirement plans and what that mean for fiduciary advisors and their clients in the planning process.

  • Insights from a recent survey completed by TIAA and an independent third party that looked at advisor perceptions, understanding, and use of guaranteed income products.

  • Planning ideas and strategies for the use of guaranteed income products in the retirement income planning process.

These strategies will help highlight the added value and flexibility of these products while addressing clients most pressing concerns around market risk, longevity, rising medical costs, underfunded retirements, and legacy planning. To bring these concepts to life, TIAA will close out the session by reviewing several real life examples to highlight the importance of considering these options when available to a client.