Mastering Life’s Hook & Slices with a Trusted Caddie

11:45 AM - 12:45 PM
If life were a round of golf, LLIS would like to be the trusted caddie to guide fee-only financial advisors and their clients with the proper clubs (tools) and bag (insurance solutions). In this presentation, the speakers will use case studies as a guideline to show how layering term insurance with different amounts of term coverage can help protect their clients’ families, at lower premiums. They’ll discuss the importance of LTC planning and the different approaches that are available for funding. They’ll cover the hazards incurred if clients hesitate getting on course with coverage. For clients that think they will never use a traditional LTCi policy or fear an extended stay in a facility the presenters will discuss hybrid life option that provides a death benefit and/or life time LTC benefits. Heading into the 19th hole the presenters will introduce the option of Short Term Care for older clients, unhealthy clients or those that want a less expensive option.