Re-Thinking the Piggy Bank: A Savings Workshop

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9:45 AM - 10:35 AM
What are the options to earn something on savings? With recent money market reforms, popular products are ever more limited, causing downward pressure on yields. While there have been hikes in short-term interest rates, bank deposit rates have not kept pace. Investors are scrambling to find alternative savings options in order to earn something on their money, but what can you do to offset more risk for higher yields? Just as important, how can you do it once and for all in a long-term sustainable way so you can focus your time on the many other things you do for your clients?

In an interactive workshop, building on the basics of bond math, risk statistics and barbelling, we will demonstrate an alternative option for building a savings portfolio. Attendees will leave with an actionable portfolio that can be constructed to compare favorably to yesterday’s savings options by any measure (fee, return, volatility) for further due diligence.

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