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At Schwab Advisor Services™, we are dedicated to working with and learning from advisors like you. With over 30 years of experience serving independent advisors, we understand what it takes to help you meet your business goals. That’s how we deliver the level of support you need to take control of your destiny—and create the firm you want.

FP Alpha is an AI-driven, holistic financial planning platform that reads wills, trusts, tax returns, insurance policies to summarize the data, identify actionable planning insights, quantify the value of the advice and carry that through to client presentation. Most recently we launched The Prospect Accelerator to automate a differentiated, planning-led prospect engagement tool to help advisors close more business!

Global Beta Advisor is dedicated to working with advisors like you. With over 30 years of experience serving clients, we understand the complexity of clients’ needs and working to meet your unique objectives. Visit our website to understand what Global Beta Advisors offers in meeting your business goals.

John Ryan, CFP® and his team have been consulting with NAPFA members since 1983. They specialize in the evaluation and planning of life, disability and long-term care insurance for members and their clients. In addition to having access to over 100 insurance companies’ products, the organization also has a network of top industry advisors available to help NAPFA members solve more complicated planning issues. RISC is also the Plan Administrator for the NAPFA Group Long Term Disability and Term Life Insurance plans.

Independent Advisor Solutions by SEI delivers technology and investment solutions that provide a unified, digital wealth management experience for independent financial advisors and their clients. The integration of technology, investment flexibility, custody services and practice management tools connects advisors to their clients and empowers confident decision-making for their financial futures.

A strategic business unit of SEI and serving the independent financial advisor market for nearly 30 years, Independent Advisor Solutions works with over 7,500 advisors and supports approximately $100.6 billion in advisors’ total platform assets (as of Dec. 31, 2021). For more information, visit