Mindset Mastery Podcasts

Marie Swift, founder and CEO of Impact Communications, hosts a series of short podcast interviews bringing motivational insights and actionable advice to NAPFA audiences. Guests will include names from a "who's who list" of professionals including some of the biggest names in the RIA consulting space as well as respected fiduciary financial planners who are accomplishing great things as they master their own mindset that helps them better serve their clients.

2022 Mindset Mastery Podcasts

Episode #28: Rising Stars: Three Fiduciary Planners Speak up on Career Paths, Role Models, and Mentorship

Episode #27: Financial Stress: Practical Solutions for Overcoming this Hidden Epidemic with Dr. Alex Melkumian

Episode #26: Mind Your Balance: Creating Effortless Success and True Happiness in Your Life

Episode #25: Beyond DEI: Inclusive Leadership and What It Means for Business Leaders Today

Episode #24: Radical Relevance: Building Share of Mind with the Right People, the Right Way

Episode #23: It’s Not About You: Lessons Learned from Serving as a Guide for Sight Impaired Athletes

Episode #22: Level Up: How Mindfulness and Self Reflection Can Change the World

Episode #21: Optimal Performance: Insights from an Olympic Medalist

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