Mindset Mastery Podcasts

Marie Swift, founder and CEO of Impact Communications, hosts a series of short podcast interviews bringing motivational insights and actionable advice to NAPFA audiences. Guests will include names from a "who's who list" of professionals including some of the biggest names in the RIA consulting space as well as respected fiduciary financial planners who are accomplishing great things as they master their own mindset that helps them better serve their clients.

2022 Mindset Mastery Podcasts

Episode #21: Optimal Performance: Insights from an Olympic Medalist

Paul Kingsman, author of The Distraction-Proof Advisor, shares what it takes to become wildly successful, whatever your pursuit. As a young swimmer from New Zealand, Kingsman participated at the 1988 Summer Olympics, winning a bronze medal in the 200-meter backstroke. He also competed at the 1984 Summer Olympics. In this discussion with Mindset Mastery host Marie Swift, Kingsman says that sometimes success or failure is determined by a split second – and while the determining factors will always include talent, ability, discipline and preparation, in business and life (much like competing in the Olympics), it is unwavering focus that makes the difference. Kingsman also talks about how to attract the right clients, the important balance between competent conviction and humble confidence, and achieving optimal performance as a business professional in 2022 and beyond.

2021 Mindset Mastery Podcasts

Episode #20: Who You Are IS the Message

Marie Swift has been a student of mindset and self-improvement for over thirty years. She shares several phrases and sayings she uses to reframe conversations and stay focused during challenging, turbulent times. One simple graphic that’s been especially helpful over the years is the “Five Step Communication Success Cycle” – and Swift walks us through each of the steps, explaining why they all work together but must be followed in sequence. She digs deeper to provide six ways to enhance your professional communication skills and stay grounded when clients, staff, friends and family members need you most.

Episode #19: Why Standing Out is No Longer Enough – And What to Do Instead
Being hyper-relevant to your clients is more important than ever. In fact, Carl Richards, a.k.a. “The Sketch Guy” for the New York Times, says that it is not enough to simply stand out from your competitors – “real financial planners” must #1, become the “the signal” and #2, focus on the smallest group of people possible so that you can really demonstrate that you understand them. Join Mindset Mastery host Marie Swift and Carl Richards for a thoughtful conversation on becoming the signal plus how to stay resilient and grounded during tough times.

Episode #18: Dementia Prevention and Optimistic Aging
Did you know that fostering a positive mindset about the aging process can add 7.5 years to your life? Looking for “positive aging inspirations” and connecting the dots for other people can not only add years to life, but life to years. Join Mindset Mastery host Marie Swift and Dr. Margit Henderson, a psychologist who specializes in stress management and aging well, as they talk about being more resilient and vibrant as we age – and how to help others who may be haunted by “pessimistic aging ghosts.”

Episode #17: Brain Health: Beyond Crossword Puzzles and Sudoku
Breakthrough research is uncovering the surprising, key actionable steps to boost your brain and keep it working better, longer. Join Mindset Mastery host Marie Swift and Dr. Marc Milstein, a Ph.D. in biological chemistry, scientist, researcher and professional speaker on human health, productivity and happiness as they talk about the often-overlooked factors that accelerate the aging of your brain and how to avoid these traps.

Episode #16: Success That’s Satisfying

Power coach Stephanie Bogan of Limitless Advisor talks with Mindset Mastery host Marie Swift about the secret to experiencing greater success, happiness, health, wealth, and well-being. Success can be draining – but it doesn’t have to be that way. Financial advisors and founders can create bigger, better futures – on their terms – if they “mind their line” and are willing to give up “the lollipop of mediocrity.”

Episode #15: The Power of Dialog and Story Listening

A self-proclaimed “story listener,” Preston D. Cherry, Ph.D., CFP®, of Concurrent Financial Planning, LLC, talks with Mindset Mastery host Marie Swift about the power of dialog, authenticity and creating common ground as a way to create more meaningful connections with clients, friends and family, while at the same time inspiring action. It’s all about Life Money Balance™ aspirations and using challenges to pivot and grow.

Episode #14: Aligning Dreams, Desire and Positive Motivation

New York Times best-selling author and industry thought leader, Steve Sanduski, talks with Mindset Mastery host Marie Swift about how people make decisions, the art of storytelling and living your dream as a financial planner today. Steve says that telling stories is the best way to connect heart and mind. He talks about “reframing the conversation” and reinventing ourselves on a daily basis and also shares an exercise that will help financial planners determine how referral-worthy they really are.

Episode #13: Hard Times Call for Soft Skills

Best-selling author and long-time leader of the Life Centered Financial Planning movement, Mitch Anthony, talks with Mindset Mastery host Marie Swift about resiliency, positive psychology and how financial advisors can better connect with and serve their clients. He encourages us to recognize both the uniqueness and the singularity of the moment.

Episode #12: Transition Fatigue and the Post-Pandemic Future

Susan Bradley, a leading light within the financial life planning profession, talks about opportunities and challenges for financial advisors and their clients during times of major transition – such as the pandemic.

Episode #11: Building a Life by Choice, Not Chance

Speaker/Author/Coach Chris Yonker talks about reducing stress when we are facing critical, consequential transitions in business or life.

2020 Mindset Mastery Podcasts

Episode #10: Stoic Wisdom from a Roman Emperor, Dennis Stearns, CFP®, and 2020 Mindset Mastery Guests
Show host Marie Swift recaps the 2020 podcast series.

Episode #9: Productivity and Time Management for Mere Mortals

Speaker/Author/Advisor Michael Kitces

Episode #8: Building Demand for You and Your Expertise

Guest, John Bowen of CEG Worldwide

Episode #7: Benefits of Professional Diversity and Inclusion

Guest Kate Healy of TD Ameritrade Institutional

Episode #6: Playing to Win

Guest, Joe Lukacs, Magellan Mastermind and Network

Episode #5: Anything is Possible

Guest, Michael Garry, CFP®, AIF®, MBA/JD, Founder and CEO of Yardley Wealth Management, LLC

Episode #4: Mindset and the Entrepreneurial Journey

Guest, Robb Baldwin, Founder and Chief Executive Officer at TradePMR

Episode #3: The Secret to Great Listening

Guest George Kinder, CFP®, RLP® and Founder of the Kinder Institute of Life Planning

Episode #2: Power of LinkedIn and Relationship Marketing

Kevin Knebl, international speaker, author and coach, shares a simple three-step approach to building better relationships.

Episode #1: The Neuroscience of Next Level Success

Guest Dr. Jody Jacobson, founder of the Human Skills Institute