Megan Kopka (CFP®, CRPC®)

Megan Kopka focuses in the
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  • Hourly
  • Investment Advice with Ongoing Management
  • Retirement Planning & Distribution Rules
  • Special Needs Planning
  • Women's Financial Planning Issues

Planning Specialties

Suddenly Single?

Caregivers; Divorcees and Widows & widowers:  When your marriage is ends people will often tell you not to make any major decisions for a year. This is simply not possible.  Do not fall for this trite advice and avoid your finances.  Most people tend to avoid financial decisions from time to time.  Right now, for you reading this, avoiding finances may be a costly mistake where you could incur penalties or avoid timely decisions creating a good but now lost opportunity. You likely need help- now, not in a year from these events.  You will likely need a therapist and a CFP®. 

Your income has likely changed (or will); the name on your accounts, home etc. may need attention.  Next, your filing status will change; do you know when and how it will impact you?  Finally, your point person is gone- they were your “go to”, an accountability partner maybe the bread winner, the co-parent, power of attorney and they are disabled, sick, moved out or they have died.  Whoever and however your partner is or was to you has changed your life and what is the best way to figure “this” all out on your own?  In my part, it is to partner with you, research for you, assess your situation and prioritize your needs and action items.  I will listen and guide you and rewrite your comprehensive financial plan. 

Under stress and tackling a huge project like rewriting or writing for the first time is daunting.  Get a notebook, make a list, and get started. Be mindful that Financial Planning is an entire professional field, I for one, would strongly consider not going it alone and hire a professional. Interview three financial planners, I am happy to be one.   

Additional Information

Kopka Financial, LLC offers holistic, comprehensive planning and investment management.

Megan begins client relationships with a comprehensive financial plan. Throughout the planning process, Megan helps you integrate your needs and your goals. She works numerous conversations- surrounding your concerns desires and values- into a plan built by using her expertise, extensive training, and experience.

Megan will work for you, with you in mind. She will help you understand your decisions and make educated decisions with you, in the best way, to move toward your better and more sound future. Megan is there to help you with cumbersome paperwork and understand what you are doing why and how to do it, she will help make certain that recommendations are properly executed. Megan’s goal is to help you understand the concepts that apply to you to understand and experience the successes of making good financial decisions, in your best interest.

Financial Planning is a stand-alone product or an ongoing process that continues through investment management.

Investment management services will be agreed upon and continue after the financial planning process is in the implementation or monitoring phase. Megan does not believe in investing for clients that have not gone through her planning process and will not manage money for anyone that doesn’t have a financial plan. Investment management is a piece of the financial planning process and ongoing monitoring will depend on the level of need, which is customized and varies.

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