Michelle Goldstein (CFP®, MBA)

Michelle Goldstein focuses in the
following client markets or areas of practice:

  • Cash Flow/Budgets/Credit Issues
  • College/Education Planning
  • Divorce Planning
  • Hourly
  • Retirement Planning & Distribution Rules

Planning Specialties

My practice is centered around helping clients navigate major lifecycle changes: marriage, new baby, college, divorce, retirement, and death of a spouse. I can schedule successive sessions when the time comes to create a comprehensive financial plan, or I can meet with a client for a one-hour "financial health check." My style is flexible; this is your unique financial blueprint!

Additional Information

My background is in trust administration and banking at JPMorgan Chase. I have an MBA in finance, and decided to go into financial planning when a professor in graduate school described the profession as "a marriage of ministry and finance." I have been in solo practice in Dallas, Texas for over fifteen years.

NAPFA Start Date

March 08, 2004


This Office

9330 Peninsula Dr Dallas, TX 75218-2735 Phone: (214) 695-9251