Dean Cherpitel (BA, ChFC®)

Dean Cherpitel focuses in the
following client markets or areas of practice:

  • Estate & Generational Planning Issues
  • High Net Worth Client Needs
  • Investment Advice with Ongoing Management
  • Retirement Planning & Distribution Rules
  • Tax Planning

Planning Specialties

We have designed our firm based on a few unalterable cornerstones. These make us different than other firms in the market place. 
They are:
To operate as fee-only and remain independent,
To provide holistic wealth management services to clients,
To continue to evolve using the best investment         management products and processes available
To be the most transparent, and
To offer the advantages of a smaller boutique firm.

Additional Information

First, since we are fee-only, there are no trailer commissions, referral fees or sales charges and we are independent so there is no parent organization with an investment banking function trying to influence our investment holdings.
Second, our job is to establish a planning process aimed at helping you make well-informed decisions. We have an open retainer for wealth management clients. So, this allows us to schedule meetings whenever the client has a question or needs help. Most client meetings require an hour, but we always schedule an hour and a half, and longer if requested.
Third, our investment committee is comprised of six individuals who total over 140 years of experience. They are heavily credentialed with two who are certified financial analysts. Our investment allocation models use primarily exchange traded funds, with some mutual funds, exchange traded notes, master limited partnerships and individual securities.
Fourth, we provide information detailing every cost to our clients, so there is complete transparency with no hidden expenses.
And fifth, as a smaller firm, we can provide coordinated wealth planning and investment management services for less cost to our target client than larger firms who use their name and huge advertising budgets to acquire new clients.

NAPFA Start Date

February 04, 1998


This Office

5750 W 95th St Ste 128 Overland Park, KS 66207-2969 Phone: (913) 648-4657