Patrick Ortman (CFP®)

Patrick Ortman focuses in the
following client markets or areas of practice:

  • AUM
  • College/Education Planning
  • Federal Employees
  • Generation X
  • Millennials
  • Retirement Planning & Distribution Rules

Planning Specialties

My name is Patrick. I’m a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional in Bethesda, Maryland. I work with clients in person in the Washington, DC metro area as well as virtually around the country.

My wife and I have four boys, ages 10 and under. Most of my free time revolves around them and the never-ending attempt to have them eat vegetables and go to bed on time. We also enjoy outdoor activities and sports as often as possible. I have been a Navy husband since 2009 while my wife has served on active duty and as a drilling Reservist. I’m a Maryland native and have lived in Canada and Mexico.

My role as a financial planner is to help you use money in accordance with your values and priorities. Financial topics like investing, retirement planning, saving for college, and insurance can seem dull or even painful on their own. The good news is these are the means and not the end. Let’s talk about them as tools to achieve your goals and dreams.

Ortman Financial Planning’s clients are often working parents with many conflicting financial priorities. They want to buy a new house, save for retirement, take a new job, save for children’s college, and provide for others all with the limited time that there is in a day. We work together to simplify your finances, save you time, and give you greater peace of mind.

NAPFA Start Date

September 19, 2017


This Office

7200 Wisconsin Ave Ste 500 Bethesda, MD 20814-4833 Phone: (301) 799-3140