Joseph Hollen (CFP®, MD)

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As a physician, and as a financial advisor, I am passionate about ensuring the health of others.

Additional Information

During my more than two decades working in emergency medicine, I witnessed fellow physicians, at the peak of their earning power, lacking full financial health. Some were victims of predatory financial practices, others of their own investing errors. When I couldn't find the straight forward, unbiased, financial advice that I needed, I decided to become that resource for myself and for others. 

It may seem a peculiar transition, but I find many parallels in my career paths as I continue to care for people and seek their long-term health. Today, however, that health is financial rather than physical. The scientific approach of a physician is also reflected in my advisory firm's approach to financial planning and investment advice - one that is strictly evidence-based on Nobel prize-winning research.

NAPFA Start Date

January 17, 2002


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