Gretchen Behnke (CFP®, MBA, RLP)

Gretchen Behnke focuses in the
following client markets or areas of practice:

  • Cash Flow/Budgets/Credit Issues
  • College/Education Planning
  • Generation X
  • High Net Worth Client Needs
  • Investment Advice with Ongoing Management
  • Retirement Plan Investment Advice

Planning Specialties

Holistic Financial Life Planning for Professional Women
Through our high-touch, holistic wealth model, we guide, support, and empower women to align their money with their vision, values, and goals. We seek to create a safe, encouraging, and empathetic space where you are seen, heard, and understood. Here, your entire life experience matters. We care about your dreams, hopes, and struggles and help you find financial solutions that make you feel bold, powerful, and confident.

What is Holistic Life Planning?
Money is a valuable tool to help you live your most ideal life. Life planning puts your goals and values at the center and builds your finances around them. Whether you want to change careers, make work optional, start your own business, or pursue a passion project, we can help ensure your finances support the steps you need to take to get there. By staying true to your values, we can help structure your investments to best support them. Your life plan considers your goals and values, investments, insurance needs, tax plan, estate plan, legacy building, and more.

In-House Investment Management
Women are incredible investors, and we collaborate with you to create a comprehensive investment plan centered around your goals for the future. We consider your entire investment portfolio: 401(k)s and workplace retirement plans, IRAs, brokerage accounts, and more—because each account plays a significant role in defining your future. We’ll look at your risk preferences, unique goals, and timeline to reach them, to help you build wealth.

Additional Information

I was a client first.
Before becoming an advisor, I was a client. I know first-hand how powerful financial planning can be, and that experience inspired me to help other professional women find courage and excitement in their finances. My time as a client inspired my life’s work—to give women an elevated financial experience and help them find excitement and confidence with their money. I listen with empathy, plan with integrity, and look forward to celebrating all of your wins.

I approach financial planning differently than most firms.
I didn’t “grow up” in the industry or get my start in a major wirehouse; I chose to be in this industry from my time as a client, which directly influences the unique experience I bring to my clients. I’ll always see your plan as a client first and an advisor second. Doing so allows me to be so much more attuned to how your thoughts, feelings, and ideas, interact with the numbers—your life should inform the numbers, not the other way around.

A personal approach to finance.
With us, you aren’t just a number at a big brokerage house or a projection flickering on a computer screen. We see you as a whole person and help you create a plan that supports your entire life, not just one piece of it.

NAPFA Start Date

November 21, 2016


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