Daniel Johnson (CFP®)

Daniel Johnson focuses in the
following client markets or areas of practice:

  • Corporate Executives
  • Fixed Fee (Subscription, Retainer, etc.)
  • Medical Professionals
  • Retirement Plan Investment Advice
  • Retirement Planning & Distribution Rules
  • Socially Responsible Investments

Planning Specialties

I am a fee-only, fiduciary CFP who operates under a flat-fee arrangement. In my practice I focus on helping Physicians get to and through Retirement.  Although I am based in Akron, Ohio, I work with clients throughout the country. 

Some of what I help with:

  • Student loan payoff strategies
  • Retirement planning
  • Retirement distribution strategies
  • Investment management
  • Tax planning
  • Employee benefits
  • Insurance
  • Estate planning
  • Social Security optimization


More About My Firm

I launched my own firm as a solution to a broken system where clients pay their advisors based on something out of their control – the performance of the market. I charge an annual fee of $4,800 regardless of asset size. The evidence shows if you can control the fees you pay your advisor, the fees you pay for investment products and minimize taxes as much as possible you significantly increase your odds for success. 


Over the years I have found I bring the most value to young physicians and clients nearing retirement. With my physician clients I get to use all of my CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ skills and help them address their complete financial lives. I’ve been told I’m the alternative to the high-pressure financial sales pitches they are used to. And with my retired clients, we make sure they are optimizing their retirement distribution strategies including areas such as Social Security, tax minimization, Medicare and more. There are no do-overs in retirement.

Additional Information

Forward Thinking Wealth Management, LLC, is founded as a solution to what is a broken model where nearly all advisors are paid based on something completely out of their control - the performance of the market.  My philosophy is if you can control three things you dramatically improve the odds of successful investing.  1. Control the fees you pay an advisor; 2. Control the fees you pay for investment products; and 3. Minimize the tax impact of your portfolio.  

I am one of very few CFPs who are compensated on a flat-fee model.  I charge $4,800 annually regardless of the asset size.  My goal is to help clients accumulate wealth, not fees.  

NAPFA Start Date

March 16, 2016


This Office

1700 W Market St # 192 Akron, OH 44313-7002 Phone: (330) 835-6205