Eliot Simon (BA, CFP®)

Eliot Simon focuses in the
following client markets or areas of practice:

  • Retirement Plan Investment Advice
  • Retirement Planning & Distribution Rules

Planning Specialties


We provide comprehensive service in both financial planning and investment management. Our approach to financial planning is highly personalized and interactive. We work with our clients to collect and analyze detailed information about their financial lives as well as their dreams and aspirations. This enables us to create a customized, comprehensive financial plan and provide ongoing support in the implementation of it. We provide discretionary asset management adhering to the principles of diversification and asset allocation and an investment strategy that evolves from each client's individual risk-return objectives. Periodic reviews and updates are an essential part of our process – we believe that your plan and investment strategy must evolve and adapt just as your life changes through the years. Because of our emphasis on continuous comprehensive planning, our clients know that their assets are managed with intelligence and sensitivity to their changing individual goals, cash flow needs and tax situations. We know that our clients have complicated, busy lives, because we do too. Our goal is to simplify your financial life so that you have one less thing to take time away from your family, career, community and leisure pursuits.


Additional Information


Garnet Group provides sound, unbiased advice on everything that touches your financial life. To provide the best possible service to our clients we: • learn about your financial priorities and help to refine your goals and resolve conflicting objectives; • thoroughly evaluate opportunities to clearly frame possible courses of action; • manage your investment assets using time-tested, coherent investment strategies geared to your risk tolerance; • ensure that your plans are supported by appropriate insurance and estate planning; • coordinate with your other advisors to ensure that all of your planning is aligned with your priorities; • offer proactive advice in response to changes in the financial world as well as respond to changes in your situation and life. We are committed to helping our clients make the most of their financial life. We work to simplify complicated financial matters and determine the best course for you. By working with Garnet Group you receive seamless, comprehensive advice allowing you to concentrate on other facets of your life.

NAPFA Start Date

July 01, 2016


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