Priscilla Gilbert (BA, CFP®)

Planning Specialties

Priscilla N. Gilbert, CFP®, B.A. Boston College. President of CenterPoint Financial, a talented communicator and client manager, is a fourth generation financial manager. She began her career as an adviser at Merrill Lynch and later managed planned giving and endowments at the university level before joining J. Cole Financial Advisers, Inc. in 2010. That collaboration proved a significant launching pad for her new firm CenterPoint Financial. Her passion is for helping individuals, families and small businesses to plan ahead for the hoped for, the known and the unknown. Recognized as a leader in her community for her many skills, especially her financial acumen, she serves on many volunteer boards including the East Montpelier School Board, the Vermont River Conservancy, the Old Meeting House’s Finance Committee and the East Montpelier Recreation Board.

Additional Information

Priscilla has an active family life as a wife and mother of two. She pursues a multi-faceted athletic profile as marathoner, skier and mountain biker. Her energy, talent and youth make her the sought after model for today’s financial services professional.

NAPFA Start Date

July 15, 2011


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