Stacy Ployhar (CFP®)

Stacy Ployhar focuses in the
following client markets or areas of practice:

  • College/Education Planning
  • High Net Worth Client Needs
  • Hourly
  • Investment Advice with Ongoing Management
  • Investment Advice without Ongoing Management
  • Retirement Plan Investment Advice

Planning Specialties

As a CFP(tm), I provide goals-based financial planning that helps clients put their financial future into focus. 

I help clients ranging from professionals wanting to map out their financial future to near-retirees readying for retirement.

Having a financial roadmap equips you with a plan for your future so you have peace of mind to live life on your terms.

I start by working with you to understand your financial goals, spanning from how to refinance school loans, to buying a house and planning for childrens' education, to planning for retirement.

Many of my clients want to be able to have the option to retire early or scale down their work life.  

We discuss how to make that happen and collaborate on the financial strategy to get there.

I believe strategic financial planning includes planning for 3 distinct phases of retirement, resulting in you being financially prepared for each phase so you age on your terms.

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NAPFA Start Date

January 26, 2010


This Office

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