Ann Minnium (CFP®)

Ann Minnium focuses in the
following client markets or areas of practice:

  • Hourly
  • Investment Advice without Ongoing Management
  • Middle Income Client Needs
  • Retirement Plan Investment Advice
  • Retirement Planning & Distribution Rules
  • Women's Financial Planning Issues

Planning Specialties

Concierge Financial Planning, LLC. is a Fee-Only financial planning and Registered Investment Advisory firm headquartered in Margate City, NJ. We specialize in providing hourly, as-needed financial and retirement planning and advice to individuals and families age 50+, regardless of their net worth, income or investable assets. As Fee-Only advisors, we work solely for our clients. Because no commissions are ever received, all potential conflicts of interest regarding compensation are removed.

We work with people from all walks of life, providing Fee-Only financial planning and advice for everyday life. Clients have the flexibility to engage us on either a one-time, as-needed or ongoing basis.

Remember, you don’t have to have a fortune to start building one. Today is always the best time to get started. Whether you are building assets for the future — or seeking to protect, enjoy and pass on those you already have — Concierge Financial Planning can help you along the way.

Additional Information

Ann Minnium, CFP® RICP® is the founder and Principal of Concierge Financial Planning, LLC. She provides as needed financial  and retirement planning advice and comprehensive financial plans to people from all walks of life. As an outreach to the community, Ann also offers complimentary financial planning seminars on a variety of topics.

The foundation of Ann’s Financial Planning expertise is built from two powerful and distinct experiences, the combination of which provides a uniquely strong base to help people make smart personal financial decisions.

Ann started the first chapter of her professional career swimming with the sharks on Wall Street, working first at JP Morgan where she built on her Williams College education via the intense Morgan Finance Program training. She later moved to Bankers Trust Company and was involved in the birth of the Financial Derivatives market. She ended this phase of her professional career at what is today Deutsche Bank Hong Kong adding an international dimension to her experience base.

In the second chapter of Ann’s professional history, coincident with the early years of her three children, Ann worked to apply her skills to the non-profit world on a pro bono basis. In many ways, this challenge matched that of Wall Street as the funds are more limited and the consequent need to efficiently save and deploy them is intense.

In founding Concierge Financial Planning, Ann is marrying skills learned in the first two chapters of her professional life: Wall Street sophistication with a Main

NAPFA Start Date

August 05, 2009


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