Raj Prashad (CFP®, ChFC®, EA)

Raj Prashad focuses in the
following client markets or areas of practice:

  • Business Owners
  • Entrepreneurs
  • High Net Worth Client Needs
  • Hourly
  • Investment Advice with Ongoing Management
  • Middle Income Client Needs

Planning Specialties

I have the work experience that demonstrates an aptitude for financial planning and investment management.

I am  a Certified Financial Planner  CFP,® and have been doing comprehensive  Financial planning  and investment management for over fifteen Years. I am also an Enrolled Agent (EA) that is licensed to represent my clients infront of the IRS . Because of my expierence in managing the tax implication of an investment, I am uniquely positioned to maximise my client returns. My role as an advisor is ultimately help my clients accomplish their financial goals and while most clients will benefit from a holistic approach to financial planning, there are times when a client only needs modular planning to address a particular need.






Additional Information

 Raj is a passionate result driven, fee only Financial Planner and Tax Preparer. He is the President of Eagle Tax Planning & Adv Grp. LLC located in NY and his absolute commitment to his craft and his clients are the reason for his success in an industry that is extremely competitive. He has a Knack in making clients feel comfortable whether he is assisting them in achieving their financial and Investment goals, or helping them with their Income Taxes. He believes fervently that everyone needs to have clear financial goals and then develop a plan to achieve them.
Raj loves the peacefulness and the quietness of the morning and awake most days before dawn to greet the day with purpose.
He is energetic and uplifting and has spoken on Various income tax topics for NATP across the country.

You can contact him at raj@eagletaxplan.com or at 718-441-7011  

NAPFA Start Date

January 07, 2011


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