Nick Covyeau (CFP®)

Nick Covyeau focuses in the
following client markets or areas of practice:

  • Baby Boomers
  • Fixed Fee (Subscription, Retainer, etc.)
  • Millennials
  • Retirement Planning & Distribution Rules

Planning Specialties

Nick Covyeau, is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER ™ based in Costa Mesa, California, and is the founder of Swell Financial.

I spent the first decade of my career serving clients at both large and small financial institutions but ultimately decided to leave and start my own RIA.

I did this so people could experience real financial planning and see the difference, rather than being sold a product.

I am a fee-only, fiduciary, and independent financial advisor.

I'm a believer that smaller is better when it comes to the number of clients an Advisor works with and that Advisors can provide more value by being an expert in one space.

While the range of my experience in helping people with their finances is quite extensive, I found I do my best work when focusing on helping individuals get really intentional about designing their ideal retirement. This works best when someone comes to me with more than 5 years to work with so that we can be proactive and build out an entire strategy to get all of the pieces in order.

I’m passionate about helping people live into what's most important to them and build confidence around how they think and feel about money. I'm all about collaborating together and making sure your plan adjusts as your life changes. After all, your life isn't static, so neither should your financial plan.

Outside of the office, you can find me surfing, maximizing a 3-day weekend with my wife, Kristin, or busy in the kitchen trying out my latest recipe.

NAPFA Start Date

January 31, 2022


This Office

150 Paularino Ave Bldg B Costa Mesa, CA 92626 Phone: 9493753294