Arielle Bittoni (BA, CFA, CFP®)

Arielle Bittoni focuses in the
following client markets or areas of practice:

  • AUM
  • Corporate Executives
  • High Net Worth Client Needs
  • Retirement Plan Investment Advice
  • Socially Responsible Investments
  • Women's Financial Planning Issues

Planning Specialties

I’ve spent my entire career in the financial industry and absolutely love it. I worked at large investment firms where it was a constant adrenaline rush with little down time, which taught me that my success as a wife, mother, and professional was heavily dependent on having the ‘right’ people around me. So when I became a financial advisor, I was proud to be that ‘right’ person.

To my disappointment I realized the industry has greatly underserved women, and even I was guilty of making compromises along my journey to adjust to a relentless and demanding culture. It was time to start doing things differently. I began to dig deeper, and discovered a passion to serve women and families looking for a better financial experience. I was not going to conform to a competitive culture focused on material success, and would instead commit myself to building deep relationships with clients where I appreciate their challenges and share their values.

My purpose as an advisor today is to create a collaborative environment where women can comfortably engage in discussions about their financial futures, so they can feel secure, smart, and confident about their decisions with their money.

Additional Information

I specialize in working with professional women who:

  • Want to create and live their best financial life
  • Have little time to manage their own investments and are seeking a trusted partner
  • Are looking for an advisor that shares their values and appreciate their challenges

As women we communicate and approach financial decisions in a different way. We create an environment where women can become more connected, engaged, and interested in their finances.

NAPFA Start Date

July 10, 2020

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