FP Transitions Equity Management Solutions®️ Program

NAPFA has partnered with FP Transitions, renowned financial services consulting firm dedicated to the advancement and sustainability of the wealth management industry. Harnessing decades of succession, transition and growth consulting expertise, FP Transitions transforms practices into thriving businesses that allow a smooth transition of ownership, increased firm value, and an optimal client experience.

To protect and fortify the independent, Fee-Only financial planning profession, FP Transitions has created a custom NAPFA Equity Management Solutions® program. Members within the program will receive:

  • An annual comprehensive valuation report (CVR)
  • An annual continuity plan with regular updates
  • Priority access to practices for sale coupled with unlimited inquiries
  • Immediate access to first-ever community-based continuity matching program exclusively designed for NAPFA members

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The exclusive NAPFA-only Continuity Partner Matching element operates as follows:

  • Current EMS™️ clients and NAPFA members are already opted-in
  • NAPFA members seeking a continuity partner will trigger a request
  • All NAPFA members in EMS™️ will receive notice via email
  • Those interested in matching can respond directly to the email

Access this valuable program to set your business up for success. To subscribe to the program or to learn more, please contact Marcus Hagood, Director of EMS™️, at FP Transitions.

View a brief overview of the program with Marcus Hagood.

View a detailed review of the program with Marcus Hagood and NAPFA Membership Committee Chair JJ Williams.