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Hemington Wealth Management is one of the fastest growing firms in the nation because we have demonstrated a vision and commitment that leads to client success. Our name explains why.

Every summer growing up, Hemington's Managing Principal, Eileen O'Connor, would excitedly load into the family car with her parents and seven siblings and drive to a rented beach house. During the trip, the family always passed by a beautiful beach home dubbed “the Hemington.”  The house seemed out of reach for a working-class family with eight kids.  But O'Connor's parents dreamed big. They wanted that house. After saving for more than 20 years, they purchased the home that served as a family gathering spot for many years.

Hemington’s name is a perfect metaphor for what we do. Everyone has a Hemington.  It’s our job to uncover our clients’ Hemington and help them achieve it. 

Hemington is the go-to firm for successful breadwinner women, due in large part to Eileen O'Connor's groundbreaking studies that have forever changes how the industry and media view women investors. 


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