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You deserve a plan that is based on your values and your  income needs. After all, you don't invest just to invest. You invest to achieve a goal. This is particularly important as you reach age 50 and beyond.


Sensible Money's founder, Dana Anspach, is the author of Control Your Retirement Destiny(Apress) and has been's Guide to MoneyOver55 since 2008. Dana, along with three other Sensible Money team members, has a Retirement Management Analyst(RMA) designation. There are only about 70 RMAs in the U.S. This expertise gives Sensible Money a unique approach to building plans designed to achieve sustainable retirement income.

Dana and Sensible Money team members have designed a planning process that starts with your goals - and then shows you how to squeeze more out of your asset and income. Their planning process is called JUICING®.
It is designed to show you the relationship between your money and the decisions you make. It helps you focus on matters you can control rather than those you can't.
Once you have a plan in place we align your investment decisions to match your plan.
All services start with a personal conversation and a complimentary introductory meeting. Pricing is flexible so we can structure things so you get the advice you need.
Visit our website to learn more. We offer free online classes, and downloadable reports. From our website you can also request a complimentary consultation. We would welcome the opportunity to talk with you.


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