The Arkansas Financial Group, Inc.

We offer our comprehensive planning services with "no minimums" for investment assets.  We don't just invest client money: we make sure our clients are making good financial decisions.
Our fee structure accomodates a $10 million client as well as a $200,000 client.  Our "best fit" clients tend to have the following characteristics:
Disciplined Spender
Realistic Investor
Collaborative Delegator
We help clients set up systems where they can "self monitor" their spending and progress on investment goals, instead of using budgets.  Our role is to model the current course of action, so clients can make their own decisions on savings, major purchases, and other goals.
We understand personal finances and investing can be time consuming and complex.  Our fresh approach is to break it down into bite size goals and tasks, so our clients can make progress easily over time, and not become overwhelmed with attempting to complete many goals all at once.

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