Dowd Financial Planning

I provide comprehensive and unbiased fee-only financial advice, where the value of my services exceeds the fee I charge.

What!?...Let me describe in a little more detail.
  1. Comprehensive
    1. I work with you to understand all aspects of your finances.  By knowing the full picture, I help clients reach their goals by avoiding costly mistakes, often overlooked by other financial advisors.
  2. Unbiased
    1. I do not sell financial products; receive any commissions or referral fees.  This minimizes conflicts of interest, so that my focus is on providing financial advice that is best for you.  If I have a conflict of interest, I will disclose it, as soon as I am aware of it.
  3. Fee only
    1. I charge an annual fee and you will know the amount upfront.  The fee is based on your income, assets and the complexity of your situation.  This is the only amount you will pay me annually.  You can meet or call me as often as necessary, to help you accomplish your financial goals
  4. Provide value that exceeds my fee
  5. a.     I will not enter a business relationship with you unless the value of my services exceed the fee I charge.


I work with people to organize and solve their personal financial issues, so they can reach their life goals.  I offer financial advice to clients who agree to work with me annually, in the following areas:

  1. Goal setting
  2. Investment tracking
  3. Investment strategy
  4. Tax preparation
  5. Retirement planning
  6. Insurance review
  7. Spending plan and cash flow review
  8. Recordkeeping
  9. Estate planning evaluation
  10. Submit

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17 Norman Rd Montclair, NJ 07043-1933 Phone: (973) 582-0000