Diversified Asset Management, Inc.

At Diversified Asset Management Inc., we work with clients in a wide array of professions and financial circumstances, as a dedicated, highly trained, Certified Financial Planner® (CFP®), our team specializes in addressing the complex financial challenges and opportunities of the following individuals:

Small business owners/ Self-employed Professionals place an incredible amount of time, energy, and resources into driving the success of their own businesses. As a result, they have little time to actively manage their own personal resources. We help them with the personal and business aspects of wealth management, including retirement plan consulting, tax mitigation, cash flow planning, estate planning, and long-term wealth management for both business and family assets.

Corporate executives juggle demanding schedules and a plethora of responsibilities. This means they often do not have the time or desire to manage their own finances. We help by managing the creation and day-to-day maintenance of our clients' wealth management plans. From personal asset and wealth management, to individual stock option and qualified retirement planning, to comprehensive financial planning, we deliver reliable, and personalized services and advice.

Retirees have accumulated their wealth and are now concerned with preserving their wealth and making their money last. We help retirees with personal asset and wealth management by determining the appropriate investment mix and implementing tax-efficient withdrawal strategies.

Young Professionals are extremely busy and are often focused on the balance of growing their wealth with the demands of starting a family. Our smaller account offerings provide these individuals and their families with the option to take advantage of our personal asset and wealth management services. We want young professionals who are committed to financial success.

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