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We view every financial planning relationship as a journey. This journey starts by exploring where you are now and what you wish to accomplish. Then we dive into ways we can effectively adjust and align your investment strategy with the rest of your goals.

Often, investments form the foundation of our long-term goals. Yet, this isn’t everything. A well-designed and flexible plan should encompass a deep understanding of your life and personal goals. That’s why we start by listening and learning about your life, any existing planning or investment strategies, and the key elements that motivate you throughout your personal journey.

The Pillars of Evidence-Driven Investing™

Your investment portfolio is the engine of your financial journey – it helps move you down the path towards your long-term goals.

Whether you need help growing your wealth or protecting it, the evidence-driven approach involves designing your portfolio so that each investment has unique characteristics and will react differently to economic, political and societal influences.

Risky practices like trying to time the market, anticipate trends or identify mispriced investments may be highly unreliable ways to build wealth. Instead, the Evidence-Driven Investing™ approach is fueled by data and over 50 years of research. It is rooted in diversification and tax aware investments.

Your Path to Personalization

Investment planning is just one part of the Worthen experience. Are you taking the right amount of risk? Do you have the right mix of assets? How much wealth do you need to make work optional? Are you using your income wisely? How do your taxes impact your savings and legacy? Do you have the right insurance? Do you have an estate plan?

As your trusted advisor, these are the questions we help you answer. Our goal is to help you plan, invest and enjoy life without the stress of money.


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