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Connected Financial Planning focuses on US citizens and their families who plan to move to Europe or live there. My firm was born out of seeing the need and lack of financial and tax planning for those headed on expat assignments, relocation for love (of a person or place) or FIRE adventure. My firm is dually registered in the US and Switzerland (where I split my time).

I primarily serve three main scenarios:

1. US citizens and their families (US Greencard holders, US tax residents/visa holders) who wish to explore the tax and financial impact of moving abroad and better understand cross-border planning. These US-based families may also have family based in Europe and are looking for an experienced planner to help navigate gifting/estate planning.

2. Individuals and their families living in Europe on expat assignments, long-term or relocating for retirement.

3. Non-US citizens who currently live in Europe and are lookingo proactively plan as they immigrate into the US (either for a limited expat assignment, or more permanently). We will deep dive into planning before you become a US resident (and US taxpayer with worldwide report).

Our Values:

  • Money is a tool, not a goal: When money becomes the goal, we are never satisfied. We dig deeper and define values on an individual and family level to ensure we make financial decisions in line with your values rather than endless accumulation.
  • Planning Not Gambling: We are planners, not gamblers. Established goals and a deep understanding of your values drive our actions. We do not time the markets or invest in short-term funds.
  • Proactive, not Reactive: Working with us means someone is always thinking about you. As your situation changes, we are always here to advocate for you. We believe in checking in throughout the year and always being available to answer questions as they arise.

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