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Are you overwhelmed by retirement planning? Concerned about your money lasting the rest of your life?

You're not alone.

Over the past 10 years, hundreds of people that are successful, smart, have grown their wealth, and have made a lot of great financial decisions, have come to me feeling anxious about retirement, both for financial and personal reasons.

After going through our "Prepare for Retirement" process, they felt confident to do the things they want to do, pursue their passions, and retire comfortably.

Swad Wealth Management specializes in retirement planning for people age 50+, offering financial planning and investment management.

But, in a way, retirement planning is kind of dumb.. At the least the way that most advisors do it right now. The idea of waiting until some arbitrary age to pursue your true passions and enjoy life while stopping all meaningful work all at the same time doesn't really make sense.

That's why I'm different. I guide people through a process to help them get crystal clear on their vision of their most ideal life. We determine what might get in the way and find solutions to those things. Then, and only then, do I create a financial plan that is specific to them and has those hopes, dreams, and goals as the foundation of their plan. I want a plan that will help impact their lives for the better today while still preparing for tomorrow.

I started this company after being with a Fortune 500 brokerage firm for the past 11 years, where I managed a practice of around $800 million for 300 households.

If you want to avoid mistakes and thrive in retirement, check out my eBook, "15 Retirement Planning Tips for People Age 50+," which can be downloaded for free on my website.


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