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Kardinal Financial is a flat fee, fee-only fiduciary financial advisor providing comprehensive financial planning relationships and one-time project plans to young families and professionals.

Bryan Minogue CFP®, CFA is the founder of Kardinal Financial. Bryan has over a decade of experience in wealth management and founded Kardinal Financial to specifically address the needs of young families and professionals, a demographic Bryan viewed as vastly underserved.

Two Engagement Options: Comprehensive Relationships & One-time Project Plans

Through ongoing, comprehensive financial planning and investment management, Bryan acts as your partner and household CFO. Or through a one-time project plan, we develop an actionable plan for your most pressing financial concerns.

Financial decisions compound massively over time. We work together to start compounding these cash flow, investment, tax, risk management, company benefits, and other decisions as soon as possible.

View engagement options and fees here or learn more at www.kardinalfinancial.com.

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