Laryssa Freeman, CFP® Founder of Meritage Wealth Management

If you're currently retired (or it's quickly approaching!) and are looking for a financial planner focused on issues in retirement, then you're in the right place! 20+ years of working for folks in or quickly approaching retirement.


You will work with me as I value one on one relationships with my clients.

I only work with kind people who believe in delegating services to experts.

My services work best for those with investable assets over $3,000,000 (excluding real estate).

My office is in Carlsbad, CA but I work with clients across the country.

New clients are typically concerned about taxes in retirement and coordinating their assets to replace their paycheck.


Here are just some of the topics I advise my clients on:

Roth Conversion Strategies

Net Unrealized Appreciation Strategies

401(k) Rollover Planning

Required Minimum Distribution Planning

Social Security Planning

Pension vs Lump Sum Analysis

Exit Planning for Small Business Owners

Asset Division After a Divorce

Reinvestment of an Inheritance


You can schedule an introductory meeting by texting INTRO to my office at 760-602-5091 or giving me a call.

A little about me . . . I'm an aspiring bogey golfer, hot yoga enthusiast and beyond grateful for this wonderful country of ours.


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5857 Owens Ave Suite 300 Carlsbad, CA 92008-5507 Phone: (760) 602-5091

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5857 Owens Ave Suite 300 Carlsbad, CA 92008-5507 Phone: (760) 602-5091