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Hola, me llamo Luis! I came to the U.S. at age 11 from the Dominican Republic. I was inspired by my parents to work hard and pursue an education. However, I was not taught about personal finance at home or at school, and had to learn the hard way.

Some of the biggest money mistakes I made when I was younger:

  • I failed to pay myself first. I tried to save what was left after spending, instead of spending what was left after saving.
  • I over borrowed on my student loans in college for “living expenses” which really was translation for Spring Break in Cancun!
  • I got credit cards in my freshman year of college before I even got a job! (To be fair, they did include the credit card applications inside the books at the bookstore, I could not resist!)

I became a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional in order to help other First Gen wealth creators like myself pursue their goals. I do my best to keep it simple, so no fancy jargon or investment terms. It’s all about your vision of success and how I can help you on your way to building a better financial future.

I currently live in Pasadena, CA with my wife, Alison. I lived in New York for the majority of my adult life, and currently travel back there during the year to visit family and existing clients. When not helping a client, volunteering, or hosting an event, you can find me eating at one of my favorite Vegan restaurants or visiting a beach or walking trail in the Los Angeles area.

Ready to build a better financial future?:

(Fees start at $5,000 per year (can be paid monthly or quarterly) and will vary based on the complexity of your situation. Fees can be paid as a direct planning fee, with assets under management, or a combination)

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1055 E Colorado Blvd Fl 5 Pasadena, CA 91106-2327 Phone: +1 (424) 236-2076